How to enhance your visual experience at home

It can be rightly said that the pandemic led people to enjoy a thematic experience in the comfort of their homes. Many invested in purchasing bigger screens and extensions to enhance their visual experience be it a 40-minute series or a 2-hour movie. With the diversity of content available on the numerous apps, many now feel it’s like upgrading to good quality entertainment right in the comfort of their living room. This has given rise to the use of HDMI cables in ensuring a seamless transmission and a satisfactory experience.

HMDI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, a cable enabling smooth digital video and audio transmission between your smart devices such as a computer, TV cable box, projector or home theatre system. It is now the most common way to upgrade your home theatre, media centre or gaming consoles.

Back in 2002, the HDMI movement sought to enhance the functionality of already-existing connectivity standards (such as DVI and component video) by developing a smaller connector, enabling embedded audio, and transmitting a higher-resolution video stream. But soon the use of HDMI took off, and shipments of HDMI-capable devices surpassed those of DVI by 2008. All HDTVs had at least one HDMI port by the end of 2009.

The cables are available in different sizes and types. While there is a standard, mini and micro size based on the smart device you are using, there are three types standard, high-speed, and ultra high-speed—and each type has subcategories defining the output quality of your cable. If the type is not indicated, assume it to be standard.

All the Nextech HDMI cables come along with specifications on quality, speed and compatibility. You can carefully analyse how they will elevate your visual experience based on the product you using. Moreover, all Nextech’s HDMI cables come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Make the best of your home audio-visual experience.





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