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    • Nextech Rapid – NoLag Wifi UPS can ensure uninterrupted supply to your Wifi Modem in case of power cuts or power fluctuations
    • It comes with DC cable & 3 converters for different pin adaptaters as per wifi router or other 12V/2.4Amp devices
    • Supports other 12V DC devices also -Router, Cordless phone, 12V Speaker, 12V Battery Operated Toy Car, 12V CCTV Cameras etc
    • Rapid UPS has 22.2wh battery power and provides battery backup of upto 3-4 Hrs.
    • Nextech Rapid is a 100% Made in India product, the first in India in this category of electronics
    • The Rapid – Wifi Modem UPS can be left plugged into your Wifi Modem without the worries of heating up or over-charging the cells
    • The UPS is very compact & lightweight. The packaging is ergonomic & attractive making it a superhit with the customers
    • Best use for uninterupted – work from home, online trainings & classes, meetings, video calls, watching movies, gaming etc.
    • Input Voltage & Current : 12V/2A
    • Output Current : 2.4A max

    • Product Code : NPC2100
    • Color : Black
    • Brand : Nextech



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