Buy the Best UPS for WiFi Router and Enjoy Uninterrupted Internet Connection

We all want a steady, reliable internet connection because it is essential to our work, whether we are at home or at the workplace. In other instances, long power outages make it impossible to access a reliable connection. So, a separate battery backup for your WiFi router can easily solve the problem. You can buy UPS for WiFi routers from Nextech by Amson that can be left plugged into your WiFi Modem without the worries of heating up.

Key Qualities That Separate Our UPS WiFi Router from Others:

  • Effective Battery Backup: With a fantastic 3 to 4-hour battery backup, you may continue to be online during prolonged power outages. Work, study, stream, and play with assurance, knowing that your WiFi modem is operational and powered on.
  • Easy Plug-and-Play: No complicated preparations or installations are needed. The Rapid Mini UPS for WiFi Modem is made to be easy to use. It only requires a simple plug-in to your WiFi modem, and then you may enjoy smooth connectivity.
  • Designed for 24×7 Use: The battery backup system is intended for continuous, round-the-clock use as it has a BMS installed which allows the plug-and-play functionality, making installation quick and easy and just takes a few minutes. It also provides the option of wall mounting, enhancing positioning flexibility.
  • Safety first and smart charging: In order to increase performance and extend battery life, the solution makes use of smart charging technology. It also meets safety standards to ensure reliable and secure functioning. It is BIS certified.


Multiple Uses: Uninterrupted Connectivity for All Needs

If you buy UPS for WiFi router online from us, note that this can be your dependable partner for a variety of tasks:

  • Work from home: Avoid missing deadlines or virtual meetings by remaining productive even when the power is off.
  • Online training and classes: Continue studying without any hindrance and succeed in online training and classes.
  • Meetings & Video Calls: Maintain uninterrupted communication with coworkers, friends, and family.
  • Non-stop Entertainment: Enjoy continuous internet gaming, streaming movies, and binge-watching your favourite television shows.


Order Your UPS WiFi Router Today to Enjoy Unlimited Connectivity!

Utilise the Rapid WiFi UPS to realise the benefits of seamless connectivity fully. Don’t let power outages prevent you from using the internet. Buy UPS for a WiFi router online and enhance your digital lifestyle with uninterrupted connectivity of the future. Visit our online store and order immediately to enjoy connectivity without boundaries!

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    • Nextech Rapid – NoLag Wifi UPS can ensure uninterrupted supply to your Wifi Modem in case of power cuts or power fluctuations
    • It comes with DC cable & 3 converters for different pin adaptaters as per wifi router or other 12V/2.4Amp devices
    • Supports other 12V DC devices also -Router, Cordless phone, 12V Speaker, 12V Battery Operated Toy Car, 12V CCTV Cameras etc
    • Rapid UPS has 22.2wh battery power and provides battery backup of upto 3-4 Hrs.
    • Nextech Rapid is a 100% Made in India product, the first in India in this category of electronics
    • The Rapid – Wifi Modem UPS can be left plugged into your Wifi Modem without the worries of heating up or over-charging the cells
    • The UPS is very compact & lightweight. The packaging is ergonomic & attractive making it a superhit with the customers
    • Best use for uninterupted – work from home, online trainings & classes, meetings, video calls, watching movies, gaming etc.
    • Input Voltage & Current : 12V/2A
    • Output Current : 2.4A max

    • Product Code : NPC2100
    • Color : Black
    • Brand : Nextech


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