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A new range of high-end docks that support dual display & multi-streaming on both MAC OS & Windows along with seamless connectivity of other IT peripherals.

Resolution becomes Real Life Display

A new generation of 8K high definition HDMI cables & Optic Fibre (AOC Cables) would now make your AV Display as real as it can get!


becomes Lag Free!!

Provide upto 4 hours of backup with this Made in India Mini UPS

Mastering Power


becomes Lag Free!!

Provide upto 4 hours of backup with this Made in India Mini UPS

Mastering Power

Li-ion Battery Applications

Battery Power is one of the core domains, the development of battery packs & applications is done based on customer requirements. Starting from a 100% made-in-India Mini UPS for the Wifi Router or Intel NUC series the infrastructure & expertise allow it to dwell into multiple battery solutions.

Future is Lithium Ion

Li-ion Battery power use has increased exponentially and it is a Multi-Millionaire Industry. Lithium-ion batteries are anticipated to show good growth in the coming years and this is due to the increasing demand in the devices using them.

High Power Chargers for Heavy Duty Devices!

A full range of high wattage, fast charging USB & Type-C chargers have been a customer’s delight due to their universal applicability & lowest defect rate! PD + QC 36W Car Chargers will be launched soon…
Abhinandan MehraAbhinandan Mehra
04:59 07 Aug 22
Not only are the Nextech products reliable and top notch, but it’s a great team to interact with also. They care for their brand and customer satisfaction very much. Highly recommended!
Kapil SomaniKapil Somani
08:43 26 Apr 21
no complaints have been using their products from 20 yrs.. best best best
Abhishek MohantyAbhishek Mohanty
18:18 25 Apr 21
Thank you so much Amson for offering range of quality products in best price category. Would really recommend all to try this Made in India brand and it’s products.
Saurabh PatelSaurabh Patel
03:05 23 Apr 21
The company is provides high quality products & Very good after sales service
Hemlata ToshniwalHemlata Toshniwal
16:54 20 Apr 21
Product quality and service very good

USB-C 10 In 1 Multiport Master Dock Is The Best Answer For All External Devices Connecting To Your Laptop

Don’t Worry About Your Phone’s Battery When You Have Nextech HUMMER Power Bank

Specialising In AV-IT Connectivity & Power Solutions

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Nextech prides itself on informing its users about every question that comes to their mind. Going with that, here are 10 questions YOU HAVE DEFINITELY THOUGHT ABOUT RELATED TO POWER BANKS! Which power bank should I buy? In order to choose the perfect power bank for your device, you need to immerse yourself in the […]

What is a dock? What are its benefits?

A dock or docking station is a device that enables you to connect multiple devices to a single laptop port. Docking stations for laptops are meant to bridge the gap between portability and having a stationary place to work and play. Basically, your laptop can more or less function as a desktop computer by using […]


Let’s take a look at Nextech’s best selling products! Nextech NA42C 9 in 1 USB-C DockA dock is a really useful piece of technology in itself, but the features of Nextech NA42C9 make it an absolute lifesaver. Endowed with 2 USB 3.0 HUB’s and a Type-C PD, this dock provides you with the most efficient […]