Display Port Adapters

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    • Suitable for Macbook, Notebook, Ultrabook, Computer and other devices with DP.
    • Supports resolutions upto 1920*1200P@60Hz.
    • No drivers or software necessary for installation.
    • No external power supply required.
    • Total bandwidth up to 5.4Gbps

    • Product Code : NA27
    • Color : White
    • Brand : Nextech


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    • Compliant to VESA Display Port Standard version 1.1a @ 1.62Gbps & 2.7Gbps data rates (Low bit rate/ High bit rate).
    • Supports VGA resolutions up to WUXGA (1920X1200@60Hz).
    • VGA output meets VESA VSIS v1r2 clock jitter sepecification.
    • Low power standby mode with automatic monitor plug and unplug detect.
    • Single 3.3V power supply.
    • Total bandwidth up to 5.4Gbps.

    • Product Code : NA25
    • Color : White
    • Brand : Nextech


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