Guide to Buying the Best Car Charger

Often at red lights, you can see vendors carrying connectivity cables and car chargers claiming to offer an undeniable price but is your phone battery life only worth a decision that was taken under 60 seconds on an impulsive need? Car chargers are becoming an important accessory as people are constantly on the move depending on their smartphones guiding the traffic and music. Apart from factors like power output, compact design and compatibility, you need to ensure it stays steady during bumpy rides. You won’t want to end up with only a 5 % charge after a 40-minute drive because of a loose connection. Here is a simple guide to buying a car charger best suited to your lifestyle.


  1. Multiple sockets
    There are automobile chargers with one port leading upto even five. However, more might not necessarily be better. In addition to size and space constraints, plugging in multiple devices at once may slow down the rate at which they charge. Typically, two-port alternatives are a good investment.
  2. Power output
    Choosing a car charger with high output is essential because lower output will result in longer charging time which may be limited when you are on the go. You should check product details for output on each port, USB chargers that offer 2.1 and 2.4 Amp are already widely available.


  1. Size
    While this may seem an insignificant factor, one should note that a compact size won’t interfere with your car controls. Some multiple socket chargers end up taking too much space and cause hindrance as you drive.
  2. Quality and safety
    One of the most crucial aspects while picking car chargers is to factor in safety as you are in a closed vehicle. Nextech chargers are made of premium-quality Fire retardant ABS-PC material which provided protection against short circuits, overcurrent, overcharging and overheating.
  3. In-built lead
    While some chargers may come with a connecting lead, they may not have the required connector at the other end. Often cables break off easily rendering the charger useless unless you cannot add another cable. Therefore, it’s best to pick one that caters to your current and future needs.


These basic pointers will surely help you make a better-informed decision about picking the best car charger.

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