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    • 10 Meter 3.5 mm stereo jack male to male Copper cable For high performance audio Extension.
    • Pure Copper cable with Gold Plated Connectors.
    • Can be used for portable audio device, iPhones, MP3 player, iPod, Smartphone, tablet, etc. to your car stereo, PC, TV or any other audio speaker that is compatible with 3.5mm Auxiliary
    • Cable Length : 10M

    • Product Code : NC17
    • Color : Black Foam
    • Brand : Nextech


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    • Adapter Type: 3.5mm – 1Male x 3 Female.
    • NC16 cable Aux 3-Female connects two headphones or portable speakers for audio sharing with the MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, computer or other audio device with a 3.5mm auxiliary port
    • Works with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, Google Nexus smartphones and tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, Nokia Lumia smartphones, SanDisk Sansa MP3 players, and more
    • Gold Plated Connectors 100% copper cables inside. Low audio loss.
    • Solid Build with PVC Plastic outer covering.
    • Light weight & easy use to carry.
    • Cable Length · 33 cms

    • Product Code : NC16
    • Color : Black Foam
    • Brand : Nextech


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    • Stereo Aux 3.5mm (M) to 3.5mm Right Angle (M) Braided Cable.
    • Perfect solution for your portable audio devices at home and in car.
    • Gold connectors provide precise contact for the best sound quality.
    • Double-shielded conductors provides clear sound without interference.
    • Connects Smartphone , MP3 player or Tablet to car stereo or portable speakers.
    • Cable Length : 1.5M/2.44M

    • Product Code : NC12
    • Color : Dual Braided Grey Black
    • Brand : Nextech
    • Flexible cable adapts a DVI output (24+1 pins) to an HDMI input
    • Gold-plated connectors for optimal conductivity
    • Ideal for device-to-HDTV gaming, home-theater entertainment and more
    • Cable Length : 3M/5M/10

    • Product Code : NC93
    • Color : Soft Black
    • Brand : Nextech


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    • VGA to VGA Cable connects desktop PC laptop to projector, LCD monitor, and other any video display system with 15-pin VGA port
    • D-sub VGA M/M cable with gold plated connectors ensures a reliable video signals (up to full HD 1080p resolutions).
    • This double-shielded cable delivers high resolution analog VGA display and extended VGA resolutions.
    • Prime Grade Cable Material
    • Superior Connectivity.
    • Noiseless Transmission.
    • Cable Length : 1.8M/3M/5M/10M/15M/20M/30M

    • Product Code : NC104
    • Color : Black
    • Brand : Nextech


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