Universal Chargers

Why are Universal Chargers Need-of-the-Hour?

The need for efficient charging solutions has become predominant in a world where all our activities are intertwined with numerous electronic gadgets. With various advantages that meet the demands of our modern lifestyles, universal chargers have emerged as the best solution to our charging problems. Now you must be wondering what a universal charger is. A universal charger is the new charging standard that can help charge USB Type-C laptops, phones, and tablets such as MacBook Air. Also, a universal charger is an ideal solution when you’re looking for a PD fast charger online.

This rapidly emerging connectivity and charging technology will soon replace your current mobile charger. In addition, this charger not only enhances the power of your gadgets but minimizes the amount of electronic waste we produce. Don’t believe us? The explanation given below will prove it to you.

Cost Savings
With a single charger that can charge multiple devices, you can prevent buying separate chargers for every mobile or tablet. Over time, this can also save you money in case you have to replace and repair your malfunctioning charger. So, if you are a tech enthusiast, buy a universal charger and make the right financial decisions.

Easy and practical
How many times have you left your home with a dead battery, and when you started looking for a charger, none was available at that moment? These issues will be resolved if you have a universal charger. You can use the same charger to power up all your devices by preventing the hunt for specific chargers. Indeed, with a universal charger, you get a simplified and convenient charging experience.

Neat and Organised Space
An uncluttered setting encourages productivity and calmness. Using universal chargers can help you keep your charging station tidy and organised by eliminating the clutter created by different chargers and a maze of cables. This makes it simpler to find and charge your devices and improves the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings. In fact, you can buy Nextech’s 65W PPS Technology Charger, which is compact, small, and can easily be carried around without taking up much space.

This universal charger comes with a fast charging mechanism with 65W PD and is powerful enough to charge your USB Type-C laptops, phones, and tablets such as MacBook Air. Our charger is certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), and you don’t have to worry about over-voltage and overheating. It works flawlessly with virtually all USB-C and USB-A powered devices, be it phones, laptops, or tablets such as MacBook Air, iProduct devices(XS/ XS Max/ XR), Nintendo Switch, and many more. This charger comes with a dual port – one for USB-C Power Delivery port, and another port is USB-A QC 3.0 (quick charging) Port. This gives you the benefit of charging your Type C and USB A devices simultaneously.

Minimising Electronic Waste
In India, electronic waste is becoming a significant environmental and public concern. India is the third largest electronic waste producer in the world producing about 2 million tonnes of e-waste each year and importing an undisclosed amount from other nations. So, considering this, a universal charger can help prevent these wastes. You don’t have to worry about buying a different charger whenever you buy any phone or laptop. This also helps reduce the amount of electronic waste, and, as mentioned above, that ultimately saves you money.


Buy Premium Quality Charger From Nextech
In a nutshell, universal chargers’ ease and effectiveness quickly replace the days of fumbling with numerous chargers and wires. So, if you’re willing to buy a dual-port charger, explore the collection at Nextech. We have a wide range of chargers that can safely and effectively charge your electronic devices.

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