HDMI to VGA + Audio + Power Adapter

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HDMI to VGA + Audio + Power Adapter


Features :
  • Support screen extension or mirror display, Display same image from your computer or extend another task.
  • Supports pixel clock rate up to 165MHz.
  • Max. Resolution : 1080P

  • Product Code : NA28
  • Color : White
  • Brand : Nextech


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Nextech is the first Indian brand to get fashion and utility enhancements for the primary devices like Iphones, smartphones, laptops, computers and other external IT devices. Nextech is best known for its reliability and bringing innovative solutions for customer needs. Nextech is the best Indian brand you can rely on for superior quality for all your tech needs. Nextech AV-IT series is extremely vast and covers all of customer’s requirements for display, audio, video and connectivity needs. Nextech AV IT products comes with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects which also shows Nextech’s accountability towards its customers.

Nextech NA28 is HDMI To VGA + Audio + Power Adapter 100MM. Nextech NA28 HDMI To VGA + Audio + Power Adapter 100MM connects HDMI port to your laptop, HD, DVD,HD-DV and VGA to your projector, display, LCD, TV and monitor with VGA interface then you can enjoy your display on the big screen with high definition picture quality. Nextech NA28 HDMI To VGA + Audio + Power Adapter 100MM is a plug & play device, powered by HDMI connecting device extra USB power served. Nextech NA28 HDMI To VGA + Audio + Power Adapter 100MM is a solution for transferring data from a HDMI output to a VGA input device with Audio and also you can give power thru a micro USB cable. The fast speed of 60HZ enables this adapter for faster speed and deep colors and HD resolution to your VGA monitor or TV or other display from a HDMI PC/laptop/tablet or any other device

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