Working from home was your sick-day normal until 2 years ago when it became the new normal for the whole industry. The transition has been somewhat rocky, but we are here to make it easy!

Here are 5 MUST HAVE DEVICES FOR WORK FROM HOME!! Let’s delve into it.

#1 HUMMER 20000mAh Power Bank

If there’s one thing every millennial ever would agree on, which is quite rare by the way, is that charging power banks is the most tedious task you can ask them to do. Your boss might not excuse your absence in that important meeting just because you had a blackout at your place, so, you should rather be prepared with a power bank that is less likely to disappoint you.

HUMMER 20000mAh Power Bank strives to give you just that.

With its two USB ports, PD Fast Charging and Quick Charge 3.0, you never need to think again, “Would it be enough?” Its sleek and stylish design makes it the best pick for working on the move and the anti slip coating acts as the best failsafe. The Li-Polymer cells and smart chip current detections forms an unrivaled machinery providing you with the best and most efficient experience you can ask for.

#2 10-IN-1 USB-C Docking Station

Tech usage in today’s time is far from uni-dimensional. You not only need laptops and smartphones, you require card readers, HDMI cables, VGA cables, audio splitters, an ample amount of USB and PD ports, and ethernet cable. What if all these connections and services can be available to you in a single device?

We bring to you the 10 IN 1 USB-C Docking Station with LAN, HDMI, VGA, mini display, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and audio ports.

The SDXC and Micro SDXC slots make sure that you won’t ever require a card reader again. The diverse features of this dock doesn’t complicate anything for the user since it has a simple plug in system and moreover, even the performance isn’t hindered, providing you with 5 gbps speed for USB transfers and up to 100 W powering capacity on the Type-C docking station.

With the latest spurt in miniaturisation and the belief to – “make it smaller”, laptop’s aren’t well equipped with an efficient amount of ports these days and this product strives to solve this issue.

Having this dock is perhaps the best decision you can make in making your Work From Home life easy.

#3 Lightning to Aux Adapter for iPhone/iPad

For all the iPhone users here, this might be the most useful item on the list.

The latest Apple devices don’t have audio jacks and AirPods, along with other supported Bluetooth connectivity devices come with their own set of issues ranging from connectivity and latency to charging, health and quality issues, issues that are fairly absent in its predecessors ergo wired audio devices are still more reliable. Considering this, we bring to you the Lightning to Aux Adapter for iPhone/iPad enabling you to use your wired earphones on the latest Apple devices.

Charging your device and listening to the ongoing webinar had never been so easy. It only adds to the features that this device has a fully copper body enabling amazing sound quality.

What are you waiting for? Buy this amazing device ASAP and make your Work From Home life easy.

#4 Nextech NTU27M – Dual USB 3.4A Fast Travel Charger

This might seem a little obvious. Everyone has a USB charger these days but what most of us forget is that the right charger can prove to be more cost effective in the long term than we care to admit.

You don’t just need to charge your mobile these days, you also need to charge your power banks and headphones, and sometimes using two sockets is ineffective in both efficiency and cost.

To deal with this, here is the Nextech NTU27M – Dual USB 3.4A Fast Travel Charger.

As the name suggests, it has two 17 W USB ports with a power surge and overload circuitry protection, while assuring safe usage with its multi-layer protection. Especially its compatibility with all USB enabled devices makes this one of the best chargers in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in a more efficient and long term charger!

#5 USB 3.1 to USB-C OTG Adapter

Even though laptops are the go-to workstations today, a lot of file sharing is more convenient when done through mobile phones. Then, the problem arises, “How to access removable storage when you don’t have a laptop?” Easy. You use an OTG.

Nextech NA4C is one of the best USB 3.1 to USB-C OTG Adapter in the market right now. Designed and constructed with A Grade material for durability, its Nickel-based anti-corrosion body coupled with its amazing 5 gbps speed makes this the perfect product to facilitate convenience in file sharing.

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